Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Labyrinth Lord: Thief Class

I've spent the last several days talking about Thieves and here is my revised version for Labyrinth Lord.


Requirements: None

Prime Requisite: DEX
Hit Dice: 1d4
Maximum Level: None

Thief Abilities: Thieves are Trained*in Climb Walls, Find and Remove Traps, Hear Noise, Hide In Shadows, Move Silently, Pick Locks, Pick Pockets, Read Languages, and Use an Arcane Spell Scroll. This means that if a Thief is not high enough of a Level to automatically succeed at a task, they will used the Trained portion of the following table for these actions.

Level of the Task                 No Training          Trained
                                                 # on D6              # on D6
1-4                                              1-3                      1-5         
5-9                                              1-2                      1-4
10-12                                            1                       1-3
13+                                               -                        1-2

*If using the Ability Score Based Optional system here, then a Thief improves their chance of success by +25%.

Additional Abilities

When a thief attains Level 9 he can establish a thief den, and 2d6 thief apprentices of 1st level will come to work with the character. These thieves will serve the character with some reliability; however, should any become arrested or killed the character will not be able to attract more followers of this type to replace them. A successful character might use these followers to start a ThievesÊ Guild.

Saving Throws
              Breath     Poison      Petrify or                    Spell-Like   
Level     Attack    or Death    Paralyze      Wands      Devices   
 1-3          14             10               11                  10              13
 4-6          11               8                 9                    8              10
 7-9            5               3                 5                    4                6

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