Wednesday, January 4, 2017

13th Age: Broo

Human-bodied and often goat-headed, they are tied irrevocably with the Rune of chaos. They are given to atrocities and foul practices, and carry numerous loathsome diseases. In addition, Broos have the ability to procreate with any species, intelligent or otherwise, with the resulting offspring taking characteristics from both its Broo and non-Broo parent. 

3rd level spoiler [HUMANOID]
Initiative: +4

Atrocity +8 vs. AC –– 10 psychic damage
     Miss: 3 damage

Foul Practices +8 vs. PD –– 5 + escalation die damage
     Natural 16+: Target becomes pregnant and will die in 1d6 days 
     if the foul spawn is not cut out.

Nastier Specials
Disease Carrier: Any creature engaged with a Broo, must make a normal Save (11+) at the beginning of their turn or take 1d6 damage.
Chaotic: A Broo uses the escalation die.

AC 19
PD 17                              HP 45
MD 13

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