Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Old World: Cairn Wraiths of the Vampire Counts

Cairn Wraiths, or simply just Wraiths, are hooded, spectral spirits of former Necromancers or Sorcerors that have used the corrupting influence of Dark Magic to extend their lives beyond the mortal limit, but at the price of losing one's own mortal body. Though their appearance may perceive it, these spirits are not servants of Morr, the Death God in any way, for they have defied the Death God's authority by preventing the inevitability of their deaths and continuing to do so even in the afterlife. Afraid of the punishment that lies for them in the afterlife, these spirits would try all they can to cling to this fading world.

5th level wrecker [UNDEAD] 
Initiative: +2
Vulnerability: Holy

C: Scythe +10 vs. AC - 36 damage
        Natural Roll of 16+: The target is hampered.

Flight: Cairn wraiths hover and zoom across the battlefield.

Ghostly: Cairn wraiths can move through solid objects, but cannot end it's movement inside them.

Impervious: This creature has resist damage 16+ from non-magical weapons.

Nastier Specials:
Squeeze Organs +10 vs. PD - 36 cold damage

        Natural Even Roll: The target is stuck.

AC 21

PD  19             HP 144

MD 15

Fear Threshold 24

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