Friday, July 22, 2016

Shadow of the Demon Lord: Red Jack's Deck, an Enchanted Object

Thomas Tompkins was a crafty and cruel cardsharp who bled dry more than one noble in his day. Tomkins, who was nearly as gifted a duelist as a cardsharp manage to escap death far more than his fair share. In fact, when he wasn't taking someone's money at cards he was bragging about his invincibility and cunning, asserting that death held no fear for him. Finally, one night a mysterious stranger found Thomas at the Cock and Bull, but the ever crafty Thomas immediately saw through Death's disguise. The cardsharp got a wild idea and bet Death that he would never take him if the cardsharp won a hand of Red Jack. Death quietly agreed to Thomas' terms. As a small crowd gathered around the table, they watched Old Thomas do as he said he would, winning the game. This led the cardsharp to cackling widely and he began mocking Death about his newfound immortality. However, it was that moment that a recent target of the cardsharp's talents came up behind Thomas and cut his throat. And as the blood poured from Thomas' ruined throat, Death merely walked away, not even looking back as the cardsharp's crimson blood spilled over the his deck of cards.

Red Jack's Deck

Once you find Red Jack's infamous deck of playing cards, you can never lose it and you may draw a card from your sleeve or pocket as a minor activity. A card from the Deck may be used as a weapon and gains 1 boon on attack rolls. As a triggered action, when you succeed on an attack roll with a card from the Deck, the target becomes frightened for 1 round unless it gets a success on a Will challenge roll.

A Card from Red Jack's Deck Damage 1d3; Hands One; Properties Thrown, range (short); Price --; Availability Rare.

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