Tuesday, July 12, 2016

My Player's Just Destroyed a Tarrasque and All They Got Was Level 20!

Last night in my Monday game, after about 18 months, we played the penultimate chapter in what began as a playtest of WotC's Out of the Abyss campaign. 

Tiring of the Underdark, my players fought for and saved Nesme, before seeing it destroyed. Led the survivors to safety and went to Nugget on the Para-Elemental Plane of Mud where they destroyed their first Dragon and became embroiled in the schemes of the Cadre. 

They eventually discovered the Cadre are a group of Chromatics who had tired of Tiamat's failings and sought to raise her brother, Vorel, to take her place as their god. 

This plan required the Wand of Orcus which they retrieved by chasing Raistlin, yes THAT Raistlin into another dimension. After defeating him they ran afoul of the five leaders of the Cadre, four enemies and and an ally, the red Wyrm, Valero. 

He sent the group to the Abyss to get them away from the other four leaders of the Cadre. There they witness the results of the Cadre's ritual with the Wand on Faerun...the death of Tiamat in Avernus. When they returned, they found Valero's dying body and saw a storm devastating the other four ancient Wyrms. Vorel was resurrected, but they couldn't control him. Vorel, by the way, means Tarrasque in Primordial. 

Oh, the other reason they had to go to Avernus was to rescue Elminster, as a former member of their merry band had accidentally sent him there.

Now they needed a Wish spell to destroy him and that required a test by Mystra and a visit to the Shrinshee.

Then they made their stand. 

They fought hard, some were swallowed, 9th level spells were cast, and they valiantly destroyed Vorel and used the Wish to make sure he could never return*.

They're level 20 now, with one last repercussion to face.  That will happen in two weeks.

What a long, strange trip it's been.

*Never say never.

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