Saturday, March 30, 2013

Teaching This Old Dog New Tricks

I have been lucky enough for the last month to actually play DnD Next on Mondays with a brand new DM.  Tony has been very creative and has a natural talent for Dungeon Mastering.  He's cooked up Critical Hit and Miss Charts, pretty much created character classes to order and just has great ideas.

This past week we managed to overthrow a tyrannical Wizard King by leading freed slaves from foul experiments designed to decimate a nearby elven stronghold.

One, for instance, is that if your To Hit roll is exactly your opponent's AC, you only do half damage.
I don't know why, but I really dig this rule and might steal it.

The group I'm playing with is much younger than I am, and in fact, are the first core group of Magic Tournament players that started with me close to a decade ago.

It's very fulfilling to have built a real friendship with all of them, and oddly it started with Tony convincing me to start running Magic Tournaments on Mondays...

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