Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ironcloaks: More Rumors from Jarlsburg

Some of these might be true.
Roll a d10:

1.  Golen Gant, Grand Pooba of the Thieves' Guild was beaten to death over a pig.

2.  The Lunar Court has put a price on the head of an Ironcloak.

3.  Unicorn urine will break a curse.

4.  Krent D'Midnight is a recruiter for the Sindycate.

5.  Three Silvercloaks have been founded murdered in just under a fortnight.

6.  Old Lady Mackey, who owns the fruit stand on Fuller St. and Bleck Ave., has a reward for her daughter, Aubrey's whereabouts.  She's been missing for four days.

7.  A fire burnt down a tenement in Quagmire and a dwarven warmachine was found in the basement.

8.  The Harvest Queen is dead, she was assassinated by skaven of Clan Cull.

9.  A street preacher, known as the Shepherd, says that Death is coming to Jarlsburg.  He is urging anyone who will listen to prepare for his arrival.

10. A drow priestess has been negotiating with the Council of Oleander for trade routes under Jarlsburg and salvage rights to the old dwarven vaults beneath the city.

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