Monday, March 4, 2013

Happy GM's Day

Happy GM's Day!

I'm a Game Master and I'm going to tell you some of my secrets:  

I get nervous before every session I run.  20 Years after the first time I ran a game, it still happens.

I love being a GM because I like telling stories, but I love becoming NPC's more.  I love making up gestures and catchphrases and unusual behaviors.  

I like that moment when everything seems to click and the group's mind's eye is all watching the same scene.  Those are the moments I live for as a GM.

I've grown to enjoy World Design, but it's a skill I'm still exploring.

I'm far more comfortable being improvisational than having a strict outline for the evening.  I make a rough road map, but we could end up anywhere before the night's over, and that's ok.

I have to consciously choose focusing on the game, instead of the rules.  I'm a game designer by instinct, but I've discovered that it's more fun for the groups I've played with to simply play, than to let myself fret over the rules.  

As I get older, I want faster character creation and straight forward rules.  That's why I dove into the OSR.

My greatest enemy is Game Master ADD.  

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