Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Hyperborea: Adlet


Adlet for Hyperborea 3rd Edition

The Adlet of Hyperborea were once the wolf-men of Lunaqqa, Her greatest creations, hunting the land with blood-red fang and claw while singing prayers to Her as She traveled the night sky. However, Ythaqqa, due to a slight imagined or real, has taken great delight in  perverting through the centuries until they have become the degenerate dog-men that haunt the wild places. Their blood is so tainted that they only have the waist and hindquarters of mutts and their shame is so great that they hide from their Mother when she is full in the sky. On the three nights of the full moon, the few remaining tribes huddle in caves and sing a dirge for who they were.

Adlet: #E 1d6 (2d6) | AL CN | SZ M | MV 40 | DX 12 | AC 6 |  HD 1 | #A 1/1 (weapon) | D (per weapon) | SV 15 | ML 10 | XP 40 |  TC A, X | Special: Discern Noise 5:12, Wilderness Track 8:12

* Pack Hunter: Adlet are seldom alone and typically rove in packs. If they are outnumbered or frightened they will howl for their pack mates to come to their aid, there is a 4:6 chance of 1d6 more adlet will join the fray in 1d6 turns, the additional adlet lack this ability and if the check fails no other adlet were in hearing distance.

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1 comment:

Pun Isaac said...

Did the Adlet come from another source or did you design them based on this art?

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