Monday, February 14, 2022

Marvel Monday: NFL SuperPro for Claim The Sky & the Cypher System

SuperPro (Tier 1) for the Cypher System and Claim the Sky

A Tough Warrior Who Defends the Weak

Might:         14     Edge:  1

Speed:          10    Edge:  0

Intellect:      10    Edge:  0

Effort: 1

Armor: 8

Cypher Use: 2

Practiced: All Weapons

Trained:  Initiative, Intellect Defense, Jumping, Might Defense, Running

Specialized: Climbing

Inability: Heavy Weapons

Special Abilities: Bash, Courageous, Healthy, No Need for Weapons, Physical Skills, Practiced in Armor, Resilient, Warding Suit*

Exists in Two Places at Once: Duplicate

Power Shifts: Dexterity x1, Singe Attack: Light Bashing Weapon x2, Strength x2

Equipment: Light Bashing Weapon (2 damage), SuperPro Suit (7 armor)

*Warding Suit is simply Warding Shield but requires the SuperPro Suit

"Phil Grayfield was a football player who was injured saving a small child from a terrible accident. This injury ended Grayfield's football career, but he soon embarked on a career as a sports reporter. While interviewing an eccentric superfan, who happened to be a chemist, he was shown a priceless custom football uniform, which was almost invulnerable to damage. Thieves arrived during the interview, stole some of the memorabilia, and set the house on fire. An incapacitated Grayfield accidently knocks over some chemicals, which, combined with the rare souvenirs' fumes, turn him into the nearly invulnerable SuperpPro."

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