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Claim the Sky: Flash Mob for Claim the Sky & the Cypher System

FLASH MOB (Tier 1) for the Cypher System and Claim the Sky

An Intelligent Explorer Who Exists in Two Places at Once

Might:         13     Edge:  1

Speed:          10    Edge:  0

Intellect:      14    Edge:  1

Effort: 1

Armor: 2

Cypher Use: 2

Practiced: Light Weapons, Medium Weapons

Trained:  Biology, Engineering, Medicine, Remembering

Specialized: Climbing

Inability: Heavy Weapons

Special Abilities: Improved Edge, Knowledge Skills, No Need For Weapons, Practiced in Armor

Exists in Two Places at Once: Duplicate

Power Shifts: Accuracy x1, Dexterity x1, Healing x1, Power Duplicate x2

Equipment: ECHELON Action Suit (2 armor)

*When Flash Mob uses Duplicate he can create up to 3 duplicates.

Jon Martin Cooper Jr. is the oldest son of Jon Martin Cooper Sr. and Dr. Lena Cooper.  His parents met while going to college at Texas State University in Houston.  After graduating, they married and moved to San Diego, California with Lena becoming a biochemist at Future Perfect and Jon Sr. becoming an guidance counselor at Sizemore High School.

Jon Jr. or JJ's science and math scores were off the chart and after graduating high school at 15, he was offered a full scholarship from Future Perfect in exchange for a 3 year contract upon graduation.

JJ, only 19 when he gained his PhD in Biotechnology, took a position on a Future Perfect team in Abilene, TX led by his Mom's best friend, Dr. Jill Chandler.  Jill's team was working on several solutions to help veteran's that had lost limbs and they were given access to material from Project Apogee which lead to the creation of the first Minuteman, the speedster who helped pacify Iraq in a matter of hours during the first Gulf War. Unknown to JJ one of his co-workers botched opening the container housing the extraterrestrial Isotope X that was used to create Minuteman and the whole team was exposed to it.

JJ woke up 22 days later to find that he, Jill, and Dr. Ajax Zang were the only survivors of the breach. Within hours after waking he was interviewed by the the U.S. Defense Department and the United Nation's anti-metahuman task force, ECHELON, with both organizations seeking to put him through a barrage of tests to determine if he was a metahuman.

He chose to work with ECHELON as they also had an interest in his biotechnology background in their quest to trace illegal derivates of Isotope X such as Summit and Apotheosis. On the second day of testing they discovered that he could create duplicates and he eventually chose the codename Flash Mob. 

For ECHELON he is part of King Savage's INDIGO team with Headstrong, Jumpjet, and the Operator.

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