Sunday, August 1, 2021

Rifts: Ley Line Walker Focus for Worlds Without Number


The pursuit of magic is a means to utilize natural energy and direct it with one's own mental abilities. The ley line walker spends years learning to focus their thoughts and build their will in order to direct and mold mystic energy. They also spend years learning how to let the ley line energy flow into and through them.

Level 1
You can Commit Effort to move 90 feet as a Move action (or 20 miles per hour) while on a Ley Line, gain Magic as a bonus skill, and can sense a Ley Line and Rifts within 100 yards.

Level 2
Once per day while you are within 30 feet of a Ley Line, as an Instant action, you negate the damage from an injury you just received. This ability cannot undo damage you intentionally inflict on yourself via some power or magical exchange.

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