Monday, August 2, 2021

Gamestorming: Numenera X Worlds Without Number -- Bears a Halo of Fire

I'm a big fan of the Numenera setting but I have some issues with the Cypher System so I've decided to look at attempting converting Numenera's Foci to Kevin Crawford's Worlds Without Number/Stars Without Number.

Nuemenera's Bears a Halo of Fire for Worlds Without Number

Shroud of Flame: Commit Effort for the Scene as an On Turn Action to become a living inferno. While shrouded in flame your melee attacks deal 1d6 damage and a Shock of 1/-. Additionally, you have a resistance to fire damage forcing a second damage roll and using the lesser of the two.

Hurl Flame: While Shroud of Flame is active you can Commit Effort as an Instant Action to make a fire attack as a Main Action that deals 1d8 damage with a range of 30/60 feet.

Wings of Fire: While your Shroud of Flame is active, you can Commit Effort for the Scene as an On Turn Action to spread wings of fire moving at a speed of up 30 feet per round in any direction. 

Fiery Hand of Doom: While your Shroud of Flame is active, you can reach into your halo and produce a hand made of animate flame that is twice the size of a human hand by Committing Effort for the Scene as an On Turn Action. The hand acts as you direct, floating in the air. Directing the hand is Main Action. Without a command, the hand does nothing. It can move 30 feet in a round, but it never moves farther away from you than 90 feet. The hand can grab, move, and carry things, but anything it touches takes 1d8+1 damage per round and a Shock of 2/AC 15 from the heat. The hand can also attack as a Main Action. It has 10 Hit Points and an AC of 13.

Flameblade: When you wish it, you extend your halo of fire to cover a weapon you wield in flame by Committing Effort as an Instant Action. The flame ends if you stop holding or carrying the weapon. While the flame lasts, the weapon inflicts an additional 1d8 points of damage.

Fire Tendrils: When you Commit Effort for the Scene as an On Turn Action your halo sprouts three tendrils of flame. As a Main Action, you can use the tendrils to attack with all three, making a separate attack roll for each. Each tendril inflicts 1d10 points of damage. If you don’t use the tendrils to attack, they remain but do nothing. 

Fire Servant: You commit Effort for the Scene and reach into your halo and produce an automaton of fire that is your general shape and size as a Main Action. The servant has 25 Hit Points an AC of 15 and deals 2d8+1 damage and Shock of 3/AC 10. Directing the servant is a Main Action, and you can command it only when you are within 90 feet of it. Without a new command, the servant continues to follow your previous command. You can also give it a simple programmed action, such as “Wait here, and attack anyone who comes within short range until they’re dead.” The servant lasts for the scene.

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