Monday, April 5, 2021

Star Frontiers: Dralasites for Cepheus Quantum

Dralasite for Cepheus Quantum
They are short, rubbery aliens that have no bones or hard body parts. Their skin is a flexible membrane that is very tough and scratchy. It generally is dull gray and lined with dark veins that meet at the dralasite's two eyespots. The internal structure of a dralasite is very different from the other races. The dralasite's central nerve bundle (brain), numerous small hearts, and other internal organs float in a pudding-like mixture of protein and organic fluids. Dralasites breathe by absorbing oxygen directly through their skin, so they have no lungs. They are omnivores but eat by surrounding their food and absorbing it, so they also have no digestive tract or intestines. 

At the beginning of each turn they may choose to benefit from one of the following options: gain the Contortionist trait, gain the Runner trait, gain unarmed damage of 2D, or gain a natural armor rating of 3.

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