Thursday, April 15, 2021

The New World: Werealligator for Barbaric!


Werealligator for Barbaric!
One must be cursed to suffer from lycanthropy and while many are poor lost souls who crave normalcy while trying to prevent their murderous activities during a full moon, there are others who embrace their curse and quickly learn to transform during the night of their own volition, and finally, there are those beasts who can transform during the day as well, they are the true monsters and their malice is bloody and fierce.

20/30, Move 10m/round (15m/round swimming), 
Armor 4, Teeth and Tail (melee 3D and 2D, respectively; teeth are piercing and tail is crushing damage). Combat-3, Physical-3. Werealligators completely heal Life Blood by dawn and can even regenerate lost limbs, however during the day they lack this healing and regeneration. Finally, to truly destroy a werewalligator one must remove and destroy a large yellow molar at the very back of their mouth otherwise the lycanthrope will return to life during the next full moon.

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