Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Monstrous Monday: Kauldron Hatemonger for Cepheus Sorcery & Barbaric!

The Kauldron is a secret society that operates within the Colony of Avignon in the Summerlands whose members claims they are changelings, elves that have replaced human children, while still infants. The group was founded 35 years ago by Milhaus Qent the heir to the Qent lumber company whose parents died while he was only seven. Milhaus believed that his true parents were Fienna Willobend and Virgyl Shattermoon and he claimed they visited him in his dreams. He claims that they guided him in forming the first Kauldron cell in Decatur and taught him sorcery. Three years ago a special task force created by Comptor Antoin Montain raided Qent's compound near Davreau and claims to have killed him and the leaders of the movement, however, Kauldron moots can still be found throughout the Colony.

Kauldron Hatemonger
Endurance: 8 
Lifeblood: 16 
Move: 10m/round
Armor: 2 
Attack (Damage): Club (melee 2D crushing)

Skills: Combat 1, Physical 1, Social 1
Spells: 30% chance of Sorcery 1; Choking Grip 1/day, Invisibility 1/day

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