Tuesday, April 20, 2021


C.H.U.D. for Cepheus Quantum & Cepheus Atom
Monsters lurk beneath the streets: beings that were once human, but have been mutated by radioactive, chemical toxic waste into hideous, flesh-eating creatures that prey on the homeless who live in the underground. 
8/15, Move 10m/round, Armor 2, Teeth and Claws(melee 1D and 2D, respectively; claws are slashing and teeth are piercing damage). Combat-1, Physical-1, Survival-1. 

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The Summerlands: Boobok for Silent Legions

   Boobok   for Silent Legions AC:  7 HD:  2 Atks:  Bite +2 / Talon +1 Dmg:  1d6 / 1d6+1 Move:  30' / 45' Flying Morale:  8 Skill:  ...