Sunday, August 2, 2020

RPGaDAY 2020 Day 1: Beginning

I'm running late on RPGaDay so you'll get at least two posts out of me today (gasp)!

The beginning was my buddy Barry getting a copy of the first Marvel Super Heroes Box set from TSR for his birthday while we were in High School. After looking at all the poster maps, cardboard figures, and dice we decided that he would read the Player's book and I would read the Judge's book. Yeah, we never actually played it because that was a terrible idea. But even though I thought RPGs were some arcane puzzle to unlock it lit the fire in my belly. It would take some time, but I'd find my way to Champions and my first group made up of some of his school friends. Along the way, I'd see ads for DnD and Robotech in the comics I read.

This was where I began...


Brian I said...

I remember that yellow MSH set fondly. I still have my quickly stepped up to Advanced Set, but wish I still had that old YELLOW box.

Cross Planes said...

I never owned the yellow box and owned the Advanced as well, but I wish I had bought the yellow one.