Friday, July 31, 2020

TMNT: Triceratons for Survive This!! Vigilante City

TRICERATON for Survive This!! Vigilante City


HIT DICE: 3 (20 HP Armor)
MOVE: 15
ATTACK DAMAGE: Laster Pistol (2d6), Maul (1d10+3)
SPECIAL: Breathe Nitrogen and Sulfur
BONUSES: Toughness +2 (Armor), +4 to Attacks, 
+3 to Melee damage, +4 to Spot, +4 to Listen, +6 to Initiative, 
+5 to Intimidation, +3 to Athletics: Basic
HDE: 4

ITEMS: Life Support Armor (Environmental, HP 20), 
Frag Grenade x2, Med-Pack 1

"The Triceratons usually breathe a mix of nitrogen and sulfur and thus usually use helmets or some other device to provide themselves with a suitable breathing environment. They are a saurian species and may be genetically similar to the Triceratops from Earth. The Triceratons are an extremely strong and aggressive species, as well as very loyal to their race, and are herbivores. They make their homeworlds on asteroids, building ion drives on them, and turning them into mobile cities. The Triceratons also use these asteroids as military staging grounds, factories, universities, research centers, and arenas for sporting events. They are highly successful conquerors, thanks to the fact that they eagerly use new technology and always change their tactics to adapt to that. The Triceratons are also able to adapt to new atmospheres well thanks to their technology. Some of their agents also take a drug called Xemorene, which is an extremely, addictive drug that enhances speed and nervous systems, but withdrawal can cause heart failure and death. The Triceratons' technology is quite advanced and uses anti-gravity vehicles and energy weapons regularly. Their government is known as the Triceraton Republic or Empire."

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