Thursday, July 23, 2020

Labyrinth Lord: The Barbarian Kit

ADnD 2nd Edition was the first version of the game I played and by the time I rolled my first Fighter the Complete Series of sourcebooks was already pretty well established. I've always thought Kits were a good idea though some of them had some real problems with certain role-playing requirements in exchange for other mechanical benefits.

At this point, a Kit isn't tied to a specific class or race-as-class and takes inspiration from how they were presented in ADnD 2E's Skills and Powers.

Barbarian Kit for Labyrinth Lord

Alertness: Roll a d8 instead of a d6 for your side's Initiative.

Endurance: A Barbarian may use their Strength in place of Wisdom for their bonus to Saving Throws vs All Magical Effects.

Intimidation: A Barbarian my substitute their Strength for Charisma when rolling for Reaction.

Weapon Training: A Barbarian my use a hand axe, short sword, or spear.

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