Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Night Shift: Penaggal Spell

Centuries ago, the leader of the Viridescent Ixora witch Coven, Noor Binti Shukri, was being investigated by a family of witchhunters known as the Silver Hounds. The Hounds mistakenly murdered Noor's eldest daughter, Aiesha, in their attempt to destroy the Coven. Noor was consumed with rage but was determined to destroy this family without endangering the rest of her family and Ixora. She convinced all of them to flee their village to the South, while she headed North. She used the time she had before the Hounds found her to create the penaggal spell. Through sheer will she destroyed the witchhunters and found her way back to the Coven, passing along the secret of the new spell before succumbing to her wounds.

Penaggal (3rd level spell):
When this spell is cast, the caster must be sitting within a bath of vinegar and they are able to detach their head and organs from their body until dawn. They gain the abilities and statistics of a penaggal below. If they do not return to their body by dawn they begin taking 1d6 per turn and if they are reduced to 0 hit points this way their head and organs ignite and their body breaks down into vinegar in 1d6 hours. 

Common Penaggal Abilities
• Cackle: All penaggal can cackle which causes fear in any that hear it.

• Garrote: All penaggal may make an Attack roll at -3 and if they hit they have wrapped their organs around their target's neck and they begin to choke their victim. Until the target is able to succeed at a Strength Saving Throw they cannot break free and take damage equal to 2d6 and keep the better roll at the end of their turn.

• Flight: All penaggal can fly at a speed of 50ft.

• Spellcasting: Penaggal cast spells as Witches equal to their Hit Dice.

• Vulnerability (Silver): Normal weapons do not harm hags. Only weapons forged of silver, or supernatural attacks, can harm them.


No. Appearing: 1
AC: 2
Move: 50ft.
Hit Dice: 7
Special: Cackle, Garrote, Flight, Spellcasting, Vulnerability (silver)


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