Monday, August 5, 2019

#RPGaDAY 2019: Day 5

For most of my career we played in one our homes (or our parents' when were younger).
But, right around the time of the DnD Next playtest, I opened up SPACE for in-store TRPG play at Comic Book World (which I manage).

At the same time, I focused on 2-4 hour sessions, instead of the 6-8 hour sessions I had always played  before. I was surprised that I like gaming at the store and I quickly recruited others who felt the same way. Additionally, the short sessions really hit the spot. We didn't have any bickering or boredom that I had experienced with longer sessions. Today, we have in-store TRPG play three days a week, the limitation is finding Game Masters. 


Pierre said...

Je crois que beaucoup de vieux joueurs de dofus doivent être très familiers avec le Kamas est une monnaie à valeur ajoutée dans le jeu Dofus qui aide les joueurs à acheter un équipement qui améliore leurs capacités.

Scott Anderson said...

Having a designated place to play helps everyone to focus.

My limit is 3.5 hours and that’s usually a stretch. Besides, as we get older and there are more demands on everyone's entertainment hours, a full day of gaming becomes unrealistic.

We schedule 630-10 on Saturday night and spend about three hours playing every two weeks! But I could do every week :)

Cross Planes said...

I agree about the length of the game. I couldn't go back to a 6-8 hour game again.

I'm lucky in that I get to play 2 games a week.

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