Monday, August 19, 2019

Rage & Ruin: Making Demolisher for Rotted Capes

I'm brainstorming a Supers setting to run in the future (it actually might feature zombies). I'm looking at several systems to see which I like. I have the most experience with Champions, but I'm not sure I want to get THAT in depth.

I've had Rotted Capes from Paradigm Concepts and it's going to be my first system:

Rotting Capes features "B-List" heroes who have to fight normal and "A-List" super zombies. It's a good concept and I'm surprised it didn't get the kind of following that Eden Studio's All Flesh Must Be Eaten has.

I'm making a Delta (B-Lister) hero named DEMOLISHER, so I have 150 points to work with.

Power Source is Superhuman, which grants +1 Vigor, the unique advantage of Super (which grants a bonus Rank to a power of your choice), and the unique disadvantage of Power Limit (which means the powers you choose during character creation are what you limited to).

Archetype is Heavy, which grants an attribute bonus to Might or Vigor (I'll choose Might). It grants me several Primary Powers, which are 1 point cheaper to improve).

Disadvantage chosen is Overprotective

You choose a Tagline (which allows you to reroll a plot die), and mine will be "Demolition Time!"

There a 3 parts of Character Creation, Attributes, Skills, and Powers. You cannot spend more than half your total points in any category. The cost of something is it's new rank in points. So Rank 1, costs 1 point, Rank 2 costs 2 points, etc.

Attributes start at 3 and have die bonus and a passive bonus (of a flat number).  There are 8 Attributes: Might, Prowesss (melee attacks), Quickness (Ranged attacks), Vigor, Charisma, Insight, Logic, and Resolve.

Might 12 (+1 from Heavy, +4 from Enhanced Might) D12/5 
(26 points)
ProwessD8/3 (9 points)
Quickness  4 D8/2 (4 points)
Vigor  6 (+1 from Superhuman) D8/3 (11 points)
Charisma 4 D8/2 (4 points)
Insight 5 D8/3 (9 points)
Logic 4 d8/2 (4 points)
Resolve 5 d8/3 (9 points)
Attributes =  76 points total

Derived Attributes 
Defenses are equal to 12+the Passive modifiers of 2 Attributes.
Avoidance Defense 18
Fortitude Defense 22
Discipline Defense 17
Stamina (Hit Points) 47
Health (Lasting damage) 7
Pace  (Movement) 4
Initiative 4
Burnout Threshold 22

You can buy individual Skills or Skill Packages (limit of 2 for most Archetypes)

Universal Skills: Drive 1, Local Knowledge 1, Technology (Basic) 1, Urban Survival 1.

I chose Mechanic (10 points) and Survivalist (20 Points) Skill Packages.
Athletics 4, Animal Handling 2, Drive 4, Engineering (Aircraft Mechanic) 3, Melee 1, Perception 3, Outdoorsman 2,Technology (Basic) 3, Urban Survival 3
Skills = 30 points

Exploit Weakness

Armor 6 (AR 6) 16 points
Enhanced Might 6 D8/3 16 points

Overall thoughts, this is well put together game and I really liked making a character. It took me about 45 minutes, which isn't bad for my first character of a Supers System.

The only downside was adding the cost of things (most times cost of next rank, sometimes cost of current rank), but it isn't a dealbreaker.

I totally recommend Rotting Capes, even if you don't want to run a Zombies game with Supers.

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