Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Review: Event Zero for Adventurers! by GRAmel

Event Zero is a Super Hero guide and setting book from GRAmel and written by Umberto Pignatelli, Andy Slack for the Adventurers! RPG, which is required for this product.

Full disclosure, I was given a PDF copy for review purposes.

Event Zero opens with details about the city of Neopolis and the Event that occurred prompting some of it's citizens to be come Specials (supers). Neopolis  is a large American city and Specials appeared in 2015. Masks have been adopted do to the the fact that fist public Special, the Flaming Man, disappeared and rumors blame the government. Other public specials have disappeared, as well.

Neopolis is broken down by neighborhood with a paragraph for each presented.

Specials in the Adventurers! system must choose the Power Skill and several other skills are presented to round your character out.

The guidelines for Super Powers comes next. Nine powers are laid out and cover a good range of abilities found in comics. They are Super Stat, Damage (Telekinesis), Empower (Adrenaline Control),  Investigation (Data Receiver), Mind Control (Kiss of Slavery), Protection (Dense Body), Summoning  (Illusionary Pet), Super Stat (Hyper Aim).  These are in addition to other Spheres of Power found in the Core game. One difference is that Specials can change which Stat to use, as opposed to basing a Sphere of Mind.

Next up is the setting's big secret and the revelation of what caused Specials to appear.

Campaign themes are then presented and I found the information beneficial to help a Game Master find a direction for their version of Neopolis.

Campaign places and important characters are also provided.

Rules for Teams are presented next and we learn the mechanical benefits of them to Specials. I find it fairly unique that Teams give new mechanical options to its members. For instance, certain Roles are presented, such as Bickering Friends, Defender, and Striker.

Equipment and lifestyle comes after and we get charts covering weapons, armor, and standard of living.

Numerous NPC's are presented for use by the Game Master, which I deeply appreciate.

An adventure, the Slug Man is also provided. It's 7 pages long and can easily get a GM up to speed to run a session within a half an hour after purchasing Event Zero.

I'm very impressed with Event Zero. The cover and interior art is excellent, the lay out is clean, and I think Neopolis and Specials are well-presented in only 44 pages. At first I was a bit surprised at the number of powers presented, until I remembered that the Adventurers! Core has other options and the the rules for Special allow you some freedom to reinterpret existing Spheres of Power.

I'm a big fan of GRAmel and this is an excellent expansion to Adventurers! and a solid Supers RPG with the benefit of several other settings that were designed for this system.

I heartily recommend Event Zero.

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