Saturday, August 31, 2019

Masters of the Universe is Returning in a BIG Way!

Yeah, I know, DC Comics, Dark Horse, and Super7 have been giving us cool Masters of the Universe stuff for the last few years.

But we've also learned that He-Man as been cast in the upcoming feature film.

That Kevin Smith is Show Runner on a continuation of the old Filmation series.

And that Mattel is bringing the toy line back in February 2020 and even had a San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Prince Adam and He-man two figure Package.

You might notice that I'm a fan of He-Man.

I'm pretty excited about what 2020 might bring us of the Masters of the Universe.




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shanepatrickward said...

I am so stoked for the new toys! I hope they actually look like the originals. I saw some older recreations and they kinda sucked. These look basically the same.

Cross Planes said...

@Shane They look GREAT. I'm super stoked :)

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