Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Blackest of Deaths: Rolling Ability Scores

Eric Bloat of Bloat Games is a pretty swell guy. He gave me access to an ashcan copy of Blackest of Deaths, his new Dire Old School Fantasy RPG that will be Kickstarted on April 9th.

You might think that you don't need another Old School RPG and you'd be wrong. There are some cool ideas that Eric has presented and I wanted to focus on Rolling Attributes in this post:

Blackest of Deaths has the same six Attributes you've grown to love, however Attribute Scores have been removed and only the bonus (or penalty) is used.

Each player rolls 6d6 and sets aside any 1s. 

Each 6 counts as a 3 and should be assigned to your most important attributes. Each 4 and 5 counts as a 2 and should be assigned to your second most important attributes. And each 2 and 3 count as a 1 and should be assigned to your third most important attributes.

Now re-roll any 1s you got. Each 4, 5, and 6 counts as a 0 and needs to be assigned. Each 2 and 3 counts as a -1 and needs to be assigned. Each 1 counts as a -2 and needs to be assigned.

On top of that, both Race and Class provide bonuses to Attributes.

Pretty slick, in my opinion.

What I love about Blackest of Deaths is that it takes the familiar and approaches it from a new perspective throughout the game.

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