Tuesday, October 24, 2017

GameStorming: Shadow of the Demon Lord + Middle-Earth

I recently ran Dead By Dawn and I've been working up some side plots to go with it. 

In the adventure, we are introduced to two female dwarves who were once adventurers. That has led me to look at mixing the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings with Shadow of the Demon Lord.

In their past, the dwarfen women Gelda and Ananda were a part of eleven other dwarfs: Princess Arta, Tearri, Ronda, Tephanie, Deb, Seera, Lorraine, Netta, Zana, Cloey, and Hannah, all who were seeking the Savage Ornament so that they could reclaim their city from the demon Chernobog. They sought the Ornament because Morrigan, a wizard, told them it was only weapon that could slay the demon. Arta had known Morrigan since she was a child, and she knew that Morrigan was not truly human, but one of the Gregori*. Morrigan also recruited a a halfling scout named Belladonna.  

Morrigan was leading them to Valderhalen Hollow to slay the Beast guarding the Ornament, when Belladonna stumbled upon the Dragon's Circlet and placing it on her finger, caused the Demon Lord's shadow to begin to fall upon the Underworld's Gate.

In her panic to retrieve the Circlet, Morrigan slaughtered most of the dwarfs, but could not locate the halfling, who fled.

It's now three years later and the Underworld's gate is completely occluded and the dead will no longer stay dead.

*The Gregori are Incarnations whose purpose is to watch over humanity. They are Zir the Yellow, Morrigan the Red, and Kaslov the Blue. They are aware that Urth is the Demon Lord's final meal and that His hunger will be only be sated when he consumes it. All of them felt the Circlet's awakening and realize they will be forced to Watch humanity fall.

Currently, Morrigan is desperately seeking the Circlet and will not let anything or anyone stand between her and it.

Zir, is seeking Morrigan for answers to whom uncovered it and where it is, since he can no longer sense it. He believes he has found a way to destroy the Circlet and perhaps deny the Demon Lord it's final meal.

Kaslov, facing an existential crisis at the Circlet's awakening, has turned to drink and debauchery at the Wellspring, a tavern in the Grand Duchy.

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