Sunday, October 8, 2017

GameStorming: Running a World of Warcraft game with Blueholme Journeymanne

I've been wanting to run a game using an older edition of DnD and I've been thinking about running a game set in Azeroth with the players being part of the Horde.

I've recently gotten the opportunity to review Dreamscape Design's Blueholmes Journeymanne Edition Edited by Michael Thomas. I had been thinking of using BECMI's Orcs of Thar for the basis of the game but Blueholmes' approach to races works so well that I think it would fit much better.

I'm not looking to emulate the WoW classes in Holmes' Basic DnD, just run a game there. In my initial brainstorm I've contemplated running Keep on the Borderlands, actually, as I've never run it before. In this instance "the Borderlands" would be between the Horde and Alliance. Perhaps in this version of the story the Caves of Chaos are instead tainted by Demons of the Burning Legion or some site important to the machinations of Sargeras.

It's very much in the beginning phases and I still have a 5E game to finish running first.

I should have my review up for Blueholmes Journeymanne Edition up in a few days.

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