Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My Realms: Shadowrock

Shadowrock was an abandoned mine that has become the headquarters of the Thunderstone Mercenary Company and a trading post in the last decade.  The boomtown lies a few hours march northeast along the River Road which traces the River Stojanow.

Merick Stonecunning (descendant of Old King Tragar Stonecunning of long, lost Hammerfall) founded the Thunderstone almost two decades ago and made a name for himself and his crew in the tumult and chaos of the waning days of Returned Abeir and its sundering from Toril.  The Ironheart's have several permanent contracts and take on several shorter term contracts each year.  They are renown for their discipline and loyalty.

Merick was severely wounded several years ago while slaying a black dragon and has since settled in as the "mayor" of Shadowrock and as the Commodore of the Thunderstones, coordinating their missions from afar.  Day to day he runs the Graveltongue Supply Depot and oversees the renewed mining efforts.

Essentially, the Thunderstones as a company own the town which is mostly populated by its members who are recuperating or relaxing there when off mission and their families.  Its earned a reputation as being a tough place for troublemakers or scoundrels to stick their necks into.

While there is plenty of housing, the town itself is made up of The Saloon, Minda's Place (a brothel), Graveltongue's, the Mine, The School (for the kids), Shepherd's Forge, Cooty's (a tavern) and Dowd's Inn.

The Mine was reopened about two years ago, when several veins of mithral were discovered.  It also serves as the headquarters and storage for the Thunderstones.  While Merick is the de facto leader of the Company, its day to day operations are overseen by his sister, Magenta.

All Company members spend at minimum two hours a day training under the watchful eye of Bale Leadhawk, a half-elf ranger who helped Merick and Magenta found the group.

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