Monday, February 9, 2015

Elemental Evil: Mother of Infernos for D&D 5th Edition

The Elder Evil Eye requires its Mothers of the Elements to strictly adhere to its doctrines and enforce it's will amongst the Elemental Clergy.  The Mothers of Infernos are the most fearless and demanding of their ranks.  They enforce the Eye's will with pain and suffering, gleefully igniting a funeral pyre before they will brook any deviation from the Eye's will. 

Mother of  Infernos                                                                                       Medium humanoid (human), neutral evil                                        ________________________________________________

Armor Class 12 
Hit Points 44 (9d8+9) 
Speed 30 ft.
   Str            Dex         Con           Int         Wis         Cha
9 (-1)     14 (+2)     12 (+1)     15 (+2)    11 (+0)     13 (+1)

Skills Arcana +4, Intimidation +5, Religion +4
Damage Resistance Fire
Senses passive Perception 10
Languages darkvision 60 ft.;Abyssal, Common, Primordial 
Challenge 1 (200 XP)


Fiery Aura Any creature within 5 feet of the mother of the inferno takes 1d6 fire damage.




Multitask. The mother of the inferno makes two melee attacks.

Fiery Scourge. Melee Weapon Attack: +4 to hit, reach 20 ft., one target. Hit: 6 (1d6+2) fire damage.

Heart of the Inferno (Recharge 5-6). The mother of the inferno exhales fire in a 90-foot cone. Each creature in that area must make a DC 12 Dexterity saving throw, taking 9 (2d6+2) fire damage on a failed save and a level of exhaustion, or half as much damage on a successful one.

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