Monday, February 23, 2015

10 Random Things about My Realms

Kiel Chenier proposed DM's sharing 10 random facts about their campaigns as we usher out DM Appreciate Month.

All of these pertain to the city of Phlan in the Moonsea region of Faerun.

1) The Finery, a ritzy tavern on 2nd Street, refuses to serve dwarves in any way.  Currently, a coalition has formed by Mabel Wainwright to seek full rights for dwarves to eat and drink there.  The Finery's owner, David Trumont, has threatened Mabel and her followers if they continue their crusade.

2) The spirit of Sir Garth Ironstar watches over Crucible, one of the roughest neighborhoods in Phlan.  Many would-be victims owe his spirit their lives and a statue in his honor is constantly decorated with flowers and trinkets to show him thanks.

3) The Cult of the Dragon is facing a growing schism within its ranks within the city.  While Jarus Nightwand is directing them to gather treasure and artifacts to raise Tiamat, a holdover from the previous regime, Alyce Truemantle is misusing significant resources to raise a deceased black dragon named Glamdroomechus as a dracolich.

4) A secret portal to the Readoubt was recently unearthed while mining for mithril at Shadowrock, a mine and trading post a few hours northeast of Phlan.

5) Morton O'Rourke, Ladorna Mills, and Turmous Beck run an around the clock craps game in the alley between Benton's Dry Goods and Tulley's Exotic and Misunderstood Pets.  Its know as the fairest game of chance in Phlan.

6) The River Road that traces the River Stojanow is also known as "Wyvern Way" due to the many nesting grounds for blue and green wyverns in the region.

7) The blackmith on 4th Street, John Cabbot, apprenticed at Mithral Hall for a little over a decade.  While merely considered a journeyman amongst the dwarves there, most non-dwarves would name him a grandmaster at his forge.

8) There are a small group of Black Fists, the city's guard, who have grown tired of the corruption within their ranks and formed a secret society of vigilantes known as the Iron Stars.  The group is the brainchild of Sargent Fara Muldoon and they ruthlessly pursue justice behind masks on the streets of their beleaguered city, often battling their own comrades amongst the Black Fists, all on their own time.

9) The Clarion Call on Main Street is renowned for its music.  In fact, prominent and aspiring musicians will travel from all over Faerun to perform there with it's owner, Pinky a veritable savant with any instrument.  Pinky is also a high level enforcer for the Welcomers, the city's thieves guild.

10) When Abeir Returned, it brought with it the ruins and catacombs of Kyr Khan, an ancient dragonborn city beneath Phlan that did not depart when Toril and Abeir were Sundered.

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