Monday, February 16, 2015

My Realms: The Readoubt

An ancient fortress devoted to the preservation of knowledge, its archivists have gladly allowed Candlekeep's reputation to overshadow it's presence in the Realms.  The Readbout is located less than twenty miles southwest of Mulmaster along the coast of the Moonsea.

Its prominence has once again begun to grow after the carnage and destruction that far off Candlekeep barely survived several years ago.  While the Archivists who maintain it's stacks are glad to have an ever increasing flow of new tomes, scrolls, and tracts to add to their collection, they are cautious about widening its reputation.

The Archivists are lead by by Franzorgleamengard, an ancient bronze dragon, who has maintained his human guise of Pirmarchivist Franz for many centuries now.  Franz's desire to acquire new texts and maintain them in peace has fueled the Readbout's desire for anonymity for the last several hundred years.

The Readoubt boasts sole possession of quite a few prominent treatises, such as the Saga of Karl of Two Worlds; The Cacodex translated to draconic by Brother Twill, the butcher of Hillsfar; a journal purported to belong to Cryonax, Elementa Prince of Cold; and several love letters from Elminster of Shadowdale to Nymphadora, First Huntress of the Feywild.

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