Thursday, December 18, 2014

Hard Times in Jarlsburg: A Task Worth Undertaking

The Hard Times is Jarlsburg's premier source of news (not necessarily the full truth) and routinely outsells it's competitor, The Kryer.



The Oleander Council and High Inquisitor Lot have been extra busy.  In the wake of the devastation at the Caliban Club, a Task Force has been created to oversee the slew of cult related activity within the city over the last year.

I guess the citizens should be thankful that the activities have finally affected our richest and most powerful?  Perhaps the Caliban Club should have been amongst the first casualties in these callous and cruel chicaneries!

The Task Force is being overseen by a "Silvercloak" of long standing, Inquisitor Wolverton Kincaid and he has chosen to staff comprise with the first responders from the Caliban Club case, who, if reports are to be believed have already faced off against some "demonic embryo", according to official report from the scene.

Rumors have circulated that the Task Force has already been investigating the Red Travellers of Ruth, who were exiled from Thronehold several years ago, after being accused of grifting several members of the Royal Family.

The Red Travellers are suspected to be lead by Giteon Rojas, the older brother of Gilroy, Lord General of the Adamantine Battle Legion which has recently been hired to defend the Line of Slovachia against the Blizzard King's rebel forces.

Giteon disappeared nearly two decades ago while in the service of Queen Selestia IV of Floria during the Siege of Ram Poon.

There are whispers that Red Travellers revere the ancient Red Death, whose worshipers was banished from the Twin Rivers region over 1000 years ago.

More as this story develops.

Melynda Dae Odell, Yeti Beat Reporter
Evening Edition on the 17th Day of Deck in the Second Hundred and Twenty First Year of Thronehold.

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