Monday, April 28, 2014

A to Z Challenge: X is for Xanthone Hotel

In Vikar, at 11 Leone Avenue, is the Xanthone Hotel, a four story edifice that stretches two whole
blocks.  The Xanthone was built 150 years ago by then Minister of the South, Lady Dionne Siever and her husband, Winchester the Puissant, a noted wizard specializing in summoning.

While the Xanthone earned a fine reputation throughout the Twin Rivers, over the course of many years dark rumors began to swirl that people simply disappeared while staying there.  Lady Dionne used her political pull to quelch the rumors until the night that Prince Jaquay of Kazaq retired to his room and was never seen again.

Lady Dionne could no longer keep the Watch from investigating the Hotel or pay off or threaten the victim's family.  As the Watch investigated they discovered that Winchester was summoning demonic forces and using his guests as offerings.

Sadly, the Watch and the Dionne family engaged in a brutal magical battle with many casualties.  Both Lady Dionne and Winchester and their twin daughters, Lara and Thora fell to the Watch, but not before they tore through a dozen Ironcloaks.

Inquisitor Siera Knowles concluded the investigation by insisting that the city seize the property and close it up and ward against the abyssal energies that had seeped into it's very foundation over the course of Winchester's nefarious summonings.

To this day, many in the city claim to have nightmares about the Xanthone and the grounds are stills staffed by a special squad of Ironcloaks.  Wether it's to keep trespassers out or something else in is uncertain.

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