Thursday, April 3, 2014

A to Z Challenge: C is for Coppertown

Jarlsburg is a medieval fantasy city of my creation that is the location of for Pathfinder and DnD Next games I have run in the past.  This A to Z is my effort to better introduce others to the locale and continue to flesh it out while the game is on hiatus.

Coppertown takes up nearly one quarter of Elder, the southern quarter of Jarlsburg.  The neighborhood was primarily founded by halfling refugees who fled Zukoslavia during the Volvode Wars over one hundred and fifty years ago.

The neighborhood's name comes from the decision of the refugees to smelt down their kibits (copper coins) from the Old Country and use them to cover their roofs.

Coppertown is still home to the majority of the halflings in the city and therefore is basically a matriarchal community.  Most halfling families are ruled by a Yaya, the oldest living woman who has married and bore children who is generally assisted by a Mimi, a much younger female relative who is also married with children.  When a Yaya chooses her Mimi, she essentially is declaring her line of succession within the family, which usually only changes if the Mimi dies before the Yaya.

When you look at most halfling families in Coppertown, usually they run some kind of business out of their home or the home of their Yaya and generally the men of the family are the public face and workforce.  However, behind the scenes, the women are truly running both the family business and they pride themselves on running "tight ships".

Because of the nature of their families and businesses being so closely intertwined, Coppertown is renowned for having the finest gossip in the city, wether it pertains to the lowliest beggar or the Prime Minister herself.   And that it truly, the greatest success of the halflings of Coppertowns they have managed to largely be left alone in their community because they always know the right thing about anyone decides to be become their enemy or have enough clout with a necessary ally to nullify the conflict.

While Coppertown is known for being one of the safest sections of the citym that is mostly due to it's community emphasizing peace and prosperity and being ever vigilant against crime and corruption.  While the City Watch patrols the community, the halfling have their own Sentinels to supplement each shift.  Also, Coppertown's family businesses are always looking out for their communities best interests.  While families within the community have their own feuds, being a halfling comes before personal prejudice.  And the final recipe for their safety is a complex and extensive agreement with the city's Thieve's Guild.  It's a poorly held secret that no Guildmaster of Thievery has ever reached the position without the support of Coppertown.

Key highlights of the neighborhood is Piko's Fineries, the city's premier jeweler; the Tree Home, one of Jarlsburg's most exclusive taverns which is an elaborate tree house; and the Yana's Grove, a carefully cultivated park in the center of Yeti which also serves as sacred ground for the halflings in their worship of Beory.  And the infamous Montauk House, which is home to the Caliban Club, the cities most prestigious secret society.

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