Monday, April 7, 2014

A to Z Challenge: Follet, Guildmaster of Hobos

Jarlsburg is a medieval fantasy city of my creation that is the location of for Pathfinder and DnD Next games I have run in the past.  This A to Z is my effort to better introduce others to the locale and continue to flesh it out while the game is on hiatus.

The Hobo Guild has been officially chartered within the city for over thirty years now, it's services utilized been many of the most powerful people in the Twin Rivers region.

Follet is the leader of the Hobo Guild and has been since its charter was signed.  Or at least, Follet is the title of the position held by the Guildmaster.

Most people assume Follet is name, not a title.  Since it's establishment nine people have held the position and it is only vacated upon the Guildmaster's death.  While many assume Shemmy's Social Club, the Thieve's Guild of Jarlsburg is the city's most ruthless organization, it is in fact the Hobo Guild.

The current Follet is Chandler Montpelier, fifth son of Duke Norn Montpelier of Lathe.  Chandler found his way to Jarlsburg upon sobering up from an epic drunken stupor and realizing his fortunes were as good here as in his homeland began the daunting task of trying to gain a seat on the Oleander Council.  However, within a week he found himself homeless, penniless, the only shelter given by the Hobos of the city.

Chandler became entranced by the organization of the Guild and how they moved nearly unseen through the city selling information and protecting the downtrodden of the city with a viciousness his father would have been proud of.

The young man, found that he excelled in the organization and reach it's pinnacle in eleven short years.  He has brought unprecedented success to the Guild because of his past as a noble and his understanding of that society.  And while he has his detractors, mostly from not growing up poor, he is shrewd and likable and just.  While crossing the Guild is still a mistake, he has softened the harder edges and made it clear that any citizen of Jarlsburg make seek refuge amongst the Guild.

His most profitable and promising partnership has been in feeding information directly to the Minister of the South, Jesska Apple.  He has taken her as his lover and he laughs that one day, years ago he sought her seat on the Oleander Council.

Chandler Montpelier, Follet IX wouldn't trade his position with anyone, even his father at this point in his life.  And that's good for the poor, the Hobos and especially for Jarlsburg.

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