Monday, April 21, 2014

A to Z Challenge: O is for Oleander Council

When the dwarves handed Jarlsburg over to the four villages of the Oleander Valley, the Oleand er Council was born.  Once a Minister is elected to the Council by their Quarter, they hold the seat for life...however long that turns out to be is a strong indicator of their service record.  Overseeing the four Ministers is the Prime Minister, whose primary responsibility is to break any ties amongst the Council.

Lady Jesska Apple (5th Level Thief and 7th Level human Wizard) is Minister of Elder, the South Quarter.  Jesska appears in her mid-40's and gave up her membership in Shemmy's Social Club upon being elected to the Council.  She deals in information and employs the pigeons of the city as her spy network.  She is even tempered and cautious with bright red hair, green eyes and a pleasing figure.

Lady Brianna Galley (9th Level half-even Bard) is Minister of Vikar, the West Quarter.  Brianna or Bauble as her closest friends call her is a Loremistress of great repute, whose singing voice in legendary in the Twin Rivers region.  Brianna is a great patron of the arts and has her hands in managing numerous artists throughout the city.  Rumor has it that she disposes of her enemies by using them as ingredients in dishes served at her son's restaurant, the Gilded Lily.  However, Brianna has no children.  Brianna is charming and forthright with long white hair filled and violet eyes.  Though she is well past 50, she still has many admirers.

Lord Karol Sonar (12th Level halfling Wizard) is Minister of Gibbons, the East Quarter.  Karol is raucous and and filled with mirth, but his joviality is only rivaled by his skill at magic.  Karol is obsessed with the Marrowgilt Ravings and is ever vigilant of strange signs or portents in the area.  For years now, Karol has been trapped into the shape of a raven, rumor suggests it is because of a bet he lost to Boccob.

Lord Donal Steuben (10th Level half-orc Fighter) is Minister of Yeti, the North Quarter, has been urging the other Ministers to declare war on the Rurik Empire in an effort to secure it's capital, Thronehold.  Intelligence has led him to believe that Tsar Huber IX has been bewitched and warns that the longer Jarlsburg waits, the greater the risk to the Twin Rivers region.  Most of the council believe Donal's intelligence comes from his close friend, Tank Malta, a shaman of Blackimus Prime and they have little faith in the Prime's cult.  Donal is a brooding, loud and powerfully build half-orc in his early 40's.  If not for the wide set of his eyes and bright yellow eyes, he could easily pass for human.

Prime Minister Belladonna Malifaux (5th Level Cleric and 9th Level human Wizard) is the eldest sister of Katarina Malifaux-Rhyme, Duchess of St. Cuthbert.  She is the matron of House Malifaux and vigilantly guards her beloved Jarlsburg.  This coming summer, will mark her 10th Anniversary as Prime Minister and a grand jubilee is in the planning.  Like Sonar, she has a dark fascination with the Marrowgilt Ravings and has spent a fortune to trying to discern its origins.  Belladonna is a beautiful woman, appearing in her early 30's with raven black hair and chocolate brown eyes.  She is in remarkable shape and wears the symbol Joyhdee at all times.

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