Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A to Z Challenge: S is for Shemmy's Social Club

Shemmy's Social Club is located on Lowe Street in Elder, right around the corner from the 9th Precinct of the Watch.  The club was named after Shembley Plempton, the third Grand Pooba, the official title of the guild master, of Thieves in Jarlsburg.  Its current location as been rebuilt twice now.

The current leader is Adder Vitriol, a twenty year veteran of the Guild who is respected and feared in equal parts.  While the Guild has many applicants, there are currently only one-hundred full members of the club, a decision ratified fifteen years ago after a violent schism between Castor Yeates and Leela Kumerspeck which was simply bad for business and left the city too full of thieves and cutthroats.

The Club is not open to the public technically, but 3 silver will get you in most nights.  Weapons are always checked at the door and the Club's crack security team, led by Yokel Hester Broon, makes short work of those few foolish enough to try something in a literal den of thieves.

The club is a elegant three-story brown stone, with two full basements.  The main floor is the actual club, while the second floor is where official Guild meetings occur, and the top floor is where the Guild Officials meet in private.  The main basement is used for storage of the Club's supplies and it has a sub-basement is the Guild's armory and treasury.

Shemmy's is Jarlsburg worst kept secret, with only the newest citizens of the city being unaware of the fact that it is the headquarters the Thieves' Guild.

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