Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dead of Night: Deep One [AGE]

Deep One

The children of Dagon and Hydra have ruled the waters of Kthon for uncounted millennia. Eventually, Dagon became aware of Selene and each guided their people to meet and intermingle.  From these revels, the Melange were born. Selene's followers found the hybrids distasteful, however Dagon's children embraced them as royalty.  And so the deep ones wait, quietly watching and subtlety shaping the lives of the land dwellers, by planting Melange lords and ladies as agents of change.

Abilities (Focuses)
1 Communication (Performance, Seduction)

3 Constitution (Stamina, Swimming)

1 Cunning

0 Dexterity

-1 Magic

0 Perception (Seeing)

2 Strength (Intimidation, Spears)

0 Willpower (Faith)

Combat Ratings
8 Speed on Land

18 Speed in Water

60 Health

10 Defense

2 Armor Rating

Weapon              Attack Roll       Damage 
Bite                          +0                 1d6+2
Trident                     +4                 1d6+5

Favored Stunts: Skirmish, Pierce Armor, Seize the Initiative (3), Strange Song (6).

Strange Song:  A deep one can perform a Strange Song stunt for 6 points.  1d3 more deep ones will appear the following round, however they lack this ability.

Scaly Hide: Their fishy hides give deep ones an armor rating of 2.

Amphibious:  Deep ones have gills and lungs.

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