Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Dead of Night: Abstersion [AGE]

Over four hundred years ago, the legendary swordsmith, Yani Zarkov, was commissioned by the elven Lily of Summer and matriarch of Shrine, Brinna Aliester McClay Stoooghan-Falko to forge a longsword for her fiancee, Unger McDougal Nepal Falko, as a gift.  She requested that Zarkov include two gifts into the forging, a knucklebone and one of her mother's scarves.

When Yani was done, Abstersion had been brought into existence and immediately became Unger's most prized possession.  The weapon was perfect and within two years of Unger's marriage he discovered the full scope of his wife's gift, you see when the blade is battling undead, it burns at the very malice that animates them and purges them from this world.

Unger cared for  the blade for over four hundred years, until he made his final stand alongside a young ranger whom he had mentored for nearly two decades, Triumph Pratt or Trip to his dear friend.

After Unger's passing Brinna followed her husband's instructions that the weapon be passed onto Trip.

Even after Triumph retired, he kept the blade close and dazzled his children with his and Unger's many, many adventures together.  It was always his intention to return it to the Lily of Summer and ask her if he could present it her daughter, Astrid.

Abstersion is a longsword crafted to honor Unger's station as the Lily of Summer's consort and guardian.  The gifts she gave Zarkov allowed the smith to  enchant the blade with both her love for her husband and her hatred of the undead that slaughtered her mother.  It inflicts +3 damage against undead and grants +2 armor against undead attacks.

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