Saturday, February 15, 2014

D&D 40th Anniversary Blog Hop Challenge Day 15

What was the first edition of DnD you didn't enjoy?  ADnD second edition.

Why?  Before I played DnD, I played Champions, agame that explicitly let you do anything AND taught you how to do it.  I didn't realize that ADnD, at least in first and second edition, didn't try to cover everything, so, in my mind, it wasn't comprehensive.  This was reinforced by our primary DM being the kind of guy who just said "no" to things (unless your name was Kurt).  If it wasn't in the rules or had an article in Dragon, you couldn't do it.  Plus, in his games, magic items were very, very, very rare and often cursed, so it took me years to realize how essential they were, unfortunately only Kurt had them.

So for many years I dreamt of a version of DnD that covered how to do as many things as possible.  Then, sadly, I Wizards of the Coast gave it to me and realized it wasn't my problem with DnD.  My problem with DnD was that I didn't understand it, and then I found first Castles and Crusades, then Basic Fantasy (and the OSR), Swords and Wizardry and eventually Labyrinth Lord.

There is a reason this blog has that subtitle.

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