Sunday, June 9, 2013

Jarlsburg: Ranks of the Ironcloaks & Silvercloaks

Footman or "Troll" (Usually a Footman maintains this rank for a minimum of six months, essentially it is the Watch's Academy)

Watchman or "Ironcloak" (A minimum of 16 per Shift per Precinct)

Inquisitor or "Silvercloak" (Rumors persist that there are only 13 Silvercloaks at any one time, the truth is highly classified)

Constable or "Bobby" (A minimum of 4 per Shift per Precinct)

Sergeant (A minimum of 2 per Shift per Precinct)

Inspector (A minimum of 2 per Shift per Precinct)

Deputy or "Barney" (1 per Shift per Precinct)

Captain (1 per Precinct, oversees the Footman, Watchman, Constables, Deputies and Sergeants)

Chief Inspector (1 per Precinct, oversees the Inquisitors and Inspectors)

Commandant (Oversees 4 different Captains)

Watch Commander (Currently Lady Selena Higgs-Boson, oversees the Commandants)

High Inquisitor (Currently Lot, oversees the Chief Inspectors, but maintains direct involvement with all levels of the Inquisition)

Commissioner (Currently Sir Tank Malta, oversees the Watch and the Inquisition*)

*Doesn't truly oversee anything, it's purely a political post that the Watch Commander has to deal with, since the most a Commissioner can expect from Lot is a threat on their life.  Sir Malta was a high ranking and decorated officer in Jarlsburg's Nerium Legion and he trusts Lady Higgs-Boson to maintain her duties without his interference.  He's aware that Lot has barely recognized his presence both times they have met, but understands that questioning Lot would only interfere in the man's responsibilities.  Tank is also keenly aware of the rumors that three separate Commissioners have been removed from the post, and lost their lives in the process, by the High Inquisitor's hand.

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