Monday, June 17, 2013

For Father's Day I Saw Man of Steel...

...And I LOVED it.  To me, it was at least as good as Avengers and is the first time I've actually ever found the character truly interesting and someone I could relate to.  There are moments where I feel true pain for this invincible, godlike being.  That's impressive storytelling.

Amy Adams as Lois Lane is the first time I'ver like the character.  EVER, though I could've used a bit more of her.

And Zod is brilliant, not only is Michael Shannon a great actor, but Zod's motivation, his essence, his soul is well crafted and you can understand him.  Part of me would have loved to see a teaser of Luthor though.

I will say don't waste the money on 3-D.  And I could've used without the "shaky cam".

Go see it, if you can!

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