Sunday, June 30, 2013

Closing Out June

Well my output hasn't been as strong this month, but summer is busy and on a family level we've had quite a bit going on.

I think part of the reduced output is a malaise that's crept in and frankly, I'm extra grumpy in the summer (I guess it's the heat and humidity).

One positive this months is getting the chance to play some board games on fridays.  I've learned how to play Elder Sign, King of Tokyo, & Castle Panic.  John W.'s friday group spent several weeks overflowing with players which forced several people off the table.  It was hard because two of those players were my kids and one was another young man around their age.  But the board games have proved a great addition to the gamescape.

It also has forced me, as a shop manager, to begin working out a system to allow space for everyone even if it requires more game masters.  My son, probably doesn't want to me to reveal this, but not having a spot at the friday game has been hard on him.  And I'll admit here, he seems to have been forgotten about by some of the people he's played with over the past year.  I know its not malicious on the GM's part, he's a young guy who doesn't have kids and not a lot of experience at running games.
Another reason I'm glad the board game option presented itself is because while it's my job to make sure the games run smoothly (meaning I'll step away from a game to make room for someone else), losing my spot made me feel like an outsider at my own store.  Thats something I don't want any of my customers or my kids to go through again.

The Jarlsburg game is going strong, but it looks like I'll lose two players for a period of time.  Fortunately or unfortunately, I have a surplus of players so I don't think it will impact our schedule.

Sadly, I've missed out on joining two Roll20 games.  One of them was, at least on an ancillary level, inspired by the Jarlsburg game.  I hope at some point to explore Roll20 more.

See you next month.

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