Monday, December 31, 2012

Aquila:The Procession Episode 1

The Dude - 4th Level Halfling Cleric
Hurricane - 4th Level Demigod Fighter
Tesla - 4th Level Tellurian Psion
Fikrit- 4th Level Human Sorcerer
Becker - 5th Level Human Barbarian
Dann - 4th Level Wood Elf Ranger
Luken - 4th Level Human Paladin

The Dude, having learned that his dear friend Zaius of Parma had passed away in northern Africa, volunteered to return Zaius's body to Praxis, captial city of Lemuria.  By the time he arrived in Lepcis Magna many of Jupiter's Priests were proclaiming Zaius as a Saint, since decomposition had not set in.

The Dude, realizing that a Saint of Jupiter would be a target for the Asgardians in their war against Olympus, contracted the Cloudship Virago for safe passage to Praxis.  Hurricane, Dann, Luken and Tesla were fellow passengers leaving Lepcis Magna and Fikrit and Becker were hands onboard the ship.

Nearly half way to Lemuria a number of Valkrieg, riding Pegasus, attacked the ship.  The Valkrieg were being led by the Geirilla, Koenig.  Koenig offered parley and met with Captain Killius to hear the Geirilla's terms.

However, Killius refuses to hand over the body of Zaius, so Koenig orders his Valkrieg to attack.

While the Dude remains below deck watching over his departed friend, the Virago's crew and it's other passengers beginning defending against the warrior women. 

Telsa is able to stun Koenig and his Valkrieg are made short work of.  Koenig manages to make it below deck and the Dude realizes that his evil soul can escape his Geirilla body and could invade Zaius' body.  The Dude stalls Koenig long enough for Luken to attack him from behind.

However, Koenig merely laughs as he life fades and tells the Dude that, "You are far from victorious."  

And at that moment the Virago is torn asunder as Thor joins the battle and our heroes begin to tumble toward the earth...

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