Friday, December 21, 2012


Timothy Brannan posted about Google+ #7RPGs a new meme making the rounds.

The idea is to post your 7 RPGs you have most played or GMed.

1. Champions/Hero System. Probably equal parts 4th & 5th Edition Hero System. I played and ran and co-GM'd it quite a bit.

2. Legend of the Five Rings. At one point my bi-weekly game included up to 20 players. This was the beginning of my 2nd age of gaming

3. DnD. Wether it was ADnD 2E, a smattering of 3.X, 4E or DnD Next. It was also the beginning of my first age of gaming.

4. Feng Shui. I loved running this.

5. TORG. For a bit, TORG was the bomb with my old group.

6. Star Wars RPG (D6 version & Saga Edition). I loved both of these games. I probably lean a little closer to D6.

7. 13th Age. My player's current favorite and the dawn of my third and current age of gaming.

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