Monday, September 10, 2012

Whats Your Chocolate Blogfest?

My chocolate is Dark Chocolate Opera Creams.

Since I was 13 or so, my parents would by me some at Christmas as a present.  As much as I love eating them, I will make them last for days and days, eating them almost on a secret schedule in my own skull.  I even hid them, like a treasure trove.

I was probably 27 before I realized I could buy them year round, but I still try to only to eat them during the holidays.  I just doesn't feel right, otherwise.

Even now, after I'm married and out of the house, my parents still buy them for me.  My wonderful wife even told her parents to join in.

I think their association with family and Christmas are nearly as strong as the delicious delights I get from feasting on them.
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