Monday, September 3, 2012

Masters of the Universe Monday: Man-E-Faces

Perhaps the greatest actor on Eternia, Perkaedo, the Master of Disguise, performed before King Randor and Queen Marlena at Prince Adam’s 18th birthday celebration. It was here that he drank a magic potion created by Skeletor, that transformed him into a terrible monster with great strength loyal only to evil. With the help of He-Man and the Sorceress, Perkaedo was cured from this transformation, but the process left him forever split between not just two but three personalities. He now uses his powers to protect justice in his greatest role; as Man-E-Faces, the man who is three warriors in one - fighting as a human, robot or monster!
Medium Humanoid (Human) 
Armor Class 14
Hit Points 40 (5d8)
Speed 40 ft.

 12 (+1)       Int 14 (+2)
Dex 14 (+3)     Wis 15 (+2)     
Con 11 (+0)     Cha 116 (+3)

 Lawful Good as Human, Neutral Good as Robot, Chaotic Good as Monster
Languages Common

Monster: As a standared action, Man-E-Faces can switch to his Monster face and gains +1 to all attacks and +2 to damage.

Robot:  As a standared action, Man-E-Faces can switch to his Robot face and gains advantage on all saving throws, Intelligence, and Wisdom checks.

Melee Attack—Claws (Monster Only): +2 to hit (reach 5 ft.; one creature)
Hit: 1d8+3 piercing damage.

Ranged Attack—Blaster (Human or Robot only): +3 to hit (range 100/400; one creature)
Hit: 1d10+3 radiant damage.

Multiattack: Man-E-Faces makes two attacks.

Level 3 elite                        XP 500

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