Sunday, September 2, 2012

Pax Prime Future of D&D Rundown

From the Future of D&D seminar at Pax Prime:

Next playtest packet will be released in October.  It will go to Level 10 & have Magic Items and more Monsters.

4 Core classes will be heavily customizable and other classes will be more "story-based" and emphasize the organization they belong to.

There will be an Arcane bloodline Sorcerer, to give the option of a spell point Wizard.

There are looking at specialist Wizards, instead of barring schools, being able to retain or regains spell slots that used their specialty school.

Epic play will be treated less as an extension of Level 1-10 and more of transformation of the game.  They do mention founding kingdoms as a possibility.

Only the 4 basic races and classes are assumed to be in all DnD Settings.  Everything else is optional for the DM.

The intention is to support a number of different settings in the core books.  An example given was a sidebar in the Minotaur monster entry, explaining that they are playable race in the Dragonlance setting and stats for using them as PC's.  Obviously, then the DM could decide to use them in their setting too.

Mutliclassing will be similar to 3E, but there will be special multi-class versions of each class.  That way you'll "ramp up" to the full version of a class.  In fact, a special multi-class table will be available for each class that shows what you get at each level.  Unfortunately, we won't see any multi-class rules for several playtest packets.

Some prestige classes will have multiclass versions.

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