Monday, August 20, 2012

Masters of the Universe Monday: Sy-Klone

Sy-Klone, Son of Dy-Lex is the Protector of the Legacy Stones and the Last Defender of Anwat Gar. He joined the Masters of the Universe after the stones were destroyed and his mission completed. He wears the last remaining TECH vest armor created by his Gar ancestors to terrorize Eternia after the Great Wars. Its built-in wind rockets allow the user to create powerful vortexes of spinning energy as a defensive weapon or to fly through the air. Sy-Klone has upgraded his armor to also include a cosmic radar which lets him sense the physical presence of evil long before others. Sy-Klone’s wind powers and radar chest make him combat ready!

Medium Humanoid (Gar) 
Armor Class 18 (cyberhide, cosmic shield)
Hit Points 28 (5d8)
Speed 40 ft.

 13 (+1)       Int 12 (+1)
Dex 15 (+2)     Wis 10 (+0)     
Con 11 (+0)     Cha 13 (+1)

 chaotic good
Languages Common, Gar

Charge: Sy-Klone can combine his move and action into a power charge.  He moves in a straight line a minimum of 10 feet up to his speed and makes a battle ring attack.  If the attack hits, that target must make a DC 12 Strength saving throw.  Failed save: the target is knocked prone.

Melee Attack—Battle Ring: +5 to hit (reach; one creature)
Hit: 1d10+2 force damage.

Multiattack: Sy-Klone makes two battle ring attacks.

Level 3 elite                        XP 500

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